New Books by Members

New Books by Members
Recent publications

Ethel Corduff

Ireland's Los - Britain's Gain

A history of the impact of Irish Nursing on nursing in the UK and the impact on the NHS  (Publishing date 15 June 2021) PUBLISHED

Nikki Adjuba

/try-outNikki has completed and is in final copy revision of a novel set in Greece and the USA during and post the Second World War

A new Anthology of the writing of Croydon Writers, with some guest authors is planned for 2023 - see HERE for details.

Michael Round

A novella set in Rome and Italy in 1610. A group of youngsters are sent out on a mission to find the banished Caravaggio before he is executed.(Publishing date 1 July 2021) (PUBLISHED)

Coming Publications


Juliana Oladuti

A biographical novel of a remarkable lady in advanced preparation. Published 2022
(Illustration: Benin City c.1800)

Michael Round

A first prequel to J (see above), due for publication in the summer.

No Title at Present

Ethel Corduff

Collection of poems and other writings
Publication Christmas 2022

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