CROYDON WRITERS, founded 1945


1  NAME  The group shall be called Croydon Writers.  (Pending any change by the Committee, the banking account shall remain in the name Croydon Writers' Circle, to avoid a new account needing to be created and operated.)  

2  OBJECTS  To unite, for mutual help in the art of authorship, the discussion of its theory and practice and disposal of literary work, being open to all persons in Croydon and district who

have had original work published in any recognised form e.g. literary or technical books and articles, essays, stories, poems, plays or film and television scripts, or

have written, or wish to write, but have not been published.  

Croydon Writers is a non-profit-making organisation.

3  MEMBERS  Persons who conform with the conditions in clause 2 may be admitted by the Committee to membership of Croydon Writers.  Membership application forms shall contain consent to the keeping of a personal record under the Data Protection Act, and a member’s signature on the forms indicates the member’s consent to this provision.

4  COUNTRY MEMBERS  The Committee may grant ‘country membership’ to anybody who has difficulty in reaching meetings


(a) Only members of Croydon Writers are eligible to serve as officers or on the Committee.

(b) The Committee shall consist of the officers and any other Croydon Writers members who have been elected to the Committee by a general meeting.

(c) The officers shall be a chairman, a treasurer and a secretary.

(d) Each officer shall be elected by a general meeting and may be re-elected any number of times by such a meeting.

(e) A quorum for any meeting of the Committee shall be three.

6 OPENNESS No person shall be excluded from membership of Croydon Writers or of the Committee by reason of race, creed, sex, sexual orientation or disability.

7 MEETINGS Subject to any decision by the Committee, these shall ordinarily be held on the second Monday in every month.

8 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING This shall be held on the second Monday in March or at such other time as the Committee may deem advisable. At this meeting reports will be submitted by officers, and an examined statement of accounts, and the officers and Committee shall be elected for the period ending with the next annual general meeting. Nominations for any new members of the Committee must reach the Secretary before 1 March unless the meeting is on a day other than the second Monday in March, in which case the Committee will give a date for the submission of nominations. The Chairman may accept a nomination at the time of the annual general meeting, at his discretion. Only those attending the annual general meeting may vote on any issue unless there is a declared postal vote.

9 EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETINGS An extraordinary general meeting shall be convened on receipt by the Secretary of a request signed by not fewer than three Croydon Writers members stating the reason for the request.

10 SUBSCRIPTIONS There shall be a yearly subscription payable on 1 January each year. Members joining after 1 June shall pay half the entrance fee. Membership shall cease if the subscription is not paid within six months of the due date. The subscription for country members shall be half that for full members. At the Committee's discretion a charge may be made for attendance of members and visitors at Croydon Writers meetings. All fees, subscriptions and charges mentioned in this clause shall be laid down at the annual general meeting.

11 CESSATION Should the Croydon Writers cease, any funds remaining shall be divided equally amongst charities: each officer and member of the Committee will select a separate charity and a cheque will be sent to each one.

12 ALTERATION TO THE CONSTITUTION No part of this constitution shall be varied or rescinded except at a general meeting by an affirmative vote of two thirds of the members present. The notice calling any such meeting shall include details of the proposed alteration.

9 May 2016

Croydon Writers