Ethel Corduff Individual Page

Ethel is currently Croydon Writers' Treasurer

Ethel's Story

Arriving from the Republic of Ireland to serve in the NHS, Ethel worked for forty years, and managed to bring up a family at the same time. She has published man articles and short stories in periodicals, newspapers, and magazines. She is also represented in both of our Anthologies, and in Author, the Society of Public and Civil Service Writers's quarterly

In 2021 she published a non-fiction account of Irish nurses in the NHS - Ireland's Loss, Britain's Gain, which has sold well and still in demand.

Special interests in writing cover shofrt stories, poetry, and articles. She has also lectured on aspects of nurses, and has an invitation from Chicago Univeresity to visit in the summer of 2022
She is currently involved with the management of the distribution of her book, but is also working on a sequel surrounding the personal stories of the young girls and lads who came over to train for and work in the NHS
See here for further details of her book.
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