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Daphne Moss Page

The Daphne Moss Page

Daphne Moss was a long time member and the Chair for many years. Her husband has supported the Group for some time and in gratitude for his assistance and help and in memory of Daphne we are holding a meeting each year devoted to her forte - non-fiction writing.

2018 Daphne Moss Non-fiction competition:


On the Second Daphne Moss Evening (12th November 2018)


There were five prizes in 2018. 16 entries, every one of then well written. Members who had read everything voted for 5 from 16 and the voting gave 6 winners. Two were equal with 3 votes each and the £50 was split two ways, the rest received £50 each. Well done. A very close competition to judge.

Equal Winners were

5   Not On and Empty Stomach         Nikki Aduba

5   Bleach                 Michael Round

5   Christmas Monopoly          Roopa Banerjee

4   The Body Vanishes           Anand Nair

3=The Best Present I Ever Had       Jon Last

3=Trip to England by Boat         Gem McQuilkin

On the First Daphne Moss Evening (13th November 2017)


First with 14 points   The Iron Monster                         Anand Nair

Second 11 points    The Last Word in Parenting        Johnathan Last

Third Equal with 10 points:

First Night                     Joshua Williams 

Guilty Pleasures             Roopa  Bannerjee 

5th winner  Duckling Lost on a Dangerous Road with 8 points by Tony Welwig

The rest of the entries scored 7 points or below.

The Committee agreed to award 5 equal prizes of £50 each to be handed over at the next meeting, or sent in the post if the winners  are not present on 11th December.

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